Welcome to the wacky world of Smackmania, home of the legendary Smackman created by OG artist Reinhard Schmid. SmackMan is an icon in the NFT space since 2018. This page is as a starting point for a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for all things Smackman.

All you crazy and passionate SmackManiacs and SmackManians out there, come on in and join the party, Smackmania is waiting for you. Just be sure to leave your seriousness at the door!

Nifty Gateway


"Change is the only constant." - Heraclitus

The face of SmackMan represented by colored balls floating in 3D space. With a change in perspective, they shift from showing the figure to mesmerizing patterns and movements.


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"Temptation is the only thing that makes life worth living." - Oscar Wilde

A humorous and positive look at allure and temptation, reflecting on an experience from the artist's youth.



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"A tattoo is a brand of your personality and spirit." - Kat Von D

The SmackMan in an edgy appearance with a bold and confident posture. Bright colors and contrasts emphasize the striking character, representing self-expression and individuality. The artwork is a humorous, yet thought-provoking representation of a fictional character that could serve as an allegory for human nature and society.


Check out the many variations of the SmackMan on Makersplace. From the very early frame by frame created animations to the latest 3d Versions.

Moving SmackMan II


Digital collage based on a channel shift glitch and scanned traditional artwork. Continuation of a series of artworks following the concept of a dialog between a computer and me as a (human) artist. Second one of the SmackMan Series animated!


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RAREART Smackman

Minimalistic approach to one of my favourite themes, the SmackMan. Combined with the font art illustration of what it is all about...



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Inside SmackMan

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside SmackMan's head?

Finally revealed: The iconic SmackMan, now in 3d, getting a brain x-ray, showing his secret thoughts.


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Check out the many variations of the SmackMan on Superrare. From the very first apparance on a painting to his drop on Monograma!

Travelling Smackman


Digital  Collage  from  my  own  traditional  artwork,  made  back  in  2011  and  tokenized  in  2020.  The  main  theme  is  from  a  painting  on  reverse  side  of  glass  in  graphite  pencil,  watercolour  and  acrylics.  This  is  also  where  I  painted  my  original  SmackMan.  All  this  is  combined  with  drawings  from  my  sketchbook.  100%  Mosh  free. 



Moving SmackMan-V

Continuing the SmackMan series with new and updated elements and movement. 



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B stands for the BREATH, breathing, the essence of life. It usually ends, if we cannot take another breath within three minutes. It is said, that six breath per minute synchronize our heart rate with our breathing...


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